About Us

The partners of global investment firm Legatum: Christopher Chandler, Mark Stoleson, Alan McCormick and Philip Vassiliou founded the Legatum Institute in its original guise over 15 years ago, in 2007.

From inception, the Legatum Institute’s vision has been to “help others prosper” through its policy and educational work.  With a focus on world-class research, writing and convening, the purpose of the Legatum Institute is to unlock how individuals, families, communities, and nations can become more prosperous.

Today the Legatum Institute is comprised of two separate but complementary organisations, the Legatum Institute Limited, a research and policy institute, which funds the Centre for Conservative Renewal and the Legatum Institute Foundation (the “Foundation”), a registered charity, which supports the Centre for National Prosperity – and is also a founding partner of a bold, new joint venture initiative, the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship.

The Legatum Institute stands alongside Legatum’s other major philanthropic and humanitarian endeavours such as the END Fund, the Freedom Fund, the Luminos Fund, and many others. 

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