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The partners of global investment firm Legatum: Christopher Chandler, Mark Stoleson, Alan McCormick and Philip Vassiliou founded the Legatum Institute in its original guise over 15 years ago, in 2007.

From inception, the Legatum Institute’s vision has been to “help others prosper” through its policy and educational work.  With a focus on world-class research, writing and convening, the purpose of the Legatum Institute is to unlock how individuals, families, communities, and nations can become more prosperous.

Today, the Legatum Institute runs the Centre for National Prosperity, an initiative that carries out research into what prosperity is, how it can be measured and how it may be enhanced. Its flagship publication is the Legatum Prosperity Index, the leading index dedicated solely to the factors that drive and restrain national prosperity.

The Legatum Institute stands alongside Legatum’s other major philanthropic and humanitarian endeavours such as the END Fund, the Freedom Fund, the Luminos Fund, and many others. 


Dr Radomir Tylecote:

Dr Radomir Tylecote: Managing Director

Radomir was Special Adviser to Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP as Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, then Business Secretary.
Previously at the Legatum Institute and Institute of Economic Affairs he published some of the most influential think-tank publications in the last decade.

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Kate Leaman:CFO

Kate Leaman: Chief Financial Officer

Kate has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry in both the UK and the Middle East, spanning private investment, sovereign wealth, investment banking, and Big 4 practice, as well as most recently assisting in the launch and rapid expansion of a broadcast media start-up. Kate has returned to the Legatum Group having previously joined in 2009 where she worked with the Legatum Foundation and the Legatum Institute amongst other initiatives.

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Fred de Fossard

Fred de Fossard: Head of the British Prosperity unit

Fred is responsible for the Legatum Institute’s work on British prosperity, encompassing Brexit opportunities, regulatory reform, and economic growth. As well as commissioning research and running campaigns on salient political and economic issues of the day, he is developing a long-term programme of work focused on the renewal and rebirth of a Common Law approach to regulation, to help ensure Britain develops an innovative and competitive economy outside the European Union.

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Zewditu Gebreyohanes: Senior Researcher

Zewditu Gebreyohanes: Senior Researcher

Since May 2022, Zewditu has been the director of Restore Trust, a grassroots member-led campaign founded in 2021 to return the National Trust to its charitable ethos. She is also co-editor of the online history publication History Reclaimed with Prof. Lawrence Goldman, Prof. Robert Tombs, Prof. David Abulafia and Alexander Gray, and a Trustee of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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Alexander Gray: Senior Researcher

Alexander Gray is a Senior Researcher at the Legatum Institute in the Sovereignty Unit. He previously worked in Parliament, predominantly on issues related to China and national security, and spent four years at the think tank Policy Exchange working on security and extremism, foreign policy, defence, and the History Matters project.

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