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The Legatum Institute exists to promote the prosperity of individuals, families, communities and nations.

Prosperity is much more than money or wealth, it is about growth, opportunity, freedom and responsibility. History reveals the foundations of prosperity which are the beliefs, values, culture and traditions that create virtuous people, trust-based societies and strong nations. By understanding what has worked before, we can thoughtfully apply ancient wisdom to modern challenges, translating sound principles into better institutions and policies.

Media and Publications

Legatum Institute has published a new briefing by Fred de Fossard with ten proposals to increase British prosperity.

Mar, 01 2024

Legatum Institute has started a new project: defending financial freedom in the age of de-banking.

Feb, 19 2024

The Legatum Institute has produced a new report recommending the integration of Canada into AUKUS.

Feb, 08 2024

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