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The Legatum Institute exists to promote the prosperity of individuals, families, communities and nations.

Prosperity is much more than money or wealth, it is about growth, opportunity, freedom and responsibility. History reveals the foundations of prosperity which are the beliefs, values, culture and traditions that create virtuous people, trust-based societies and strong nations. By understanding what has worked before, we can thoughtfully apply ancient wisdom to modern challenges, translating sound principles into better institutions and policies.

Today, the Institute is comprised of two separate but complementary organisations – Legatum Institute Limited, a research and policy institute and The Legatum Institute Foundation (the “Foundation”), a registered charity – and is also a founding partner of a bold, new joint venture initiative called the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship.


The Legatum Institute is currently focused on the following initiatives:

Centre for National Prosperity

The Centre for National Prosperity is an initiative of The Legatum Institute Foundation, a registered charity, and is dedicated to empirical research, data analytics and education on what drives and restrains the prosperity of nations.  The Centre’s flagship programme is the Legatum Prosperity Index, the world’s leading index devoted to equipping policymakers with insights, diagnostic tools and a practical understanding on how to enhance the wealth and wellbeing of their country.

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Centre for Conservative Renewal

Centre for Conservative Renewal

The Centre for Conservative Renewal will make the case for freedom and free markets within a strong, sovereign United Kingdom, through a renewed sense of nationhood and cohesion. The Centre will bring together and revive the two different strands of the Conservative tradition. First, it will stand for freedom and free markets. Second, it will recognise that free markets will only work if people have a genuine sense that they are part of the same community, standing by each other on the fundamental issues. At this time of national change, the Centre will look to revive the conservative philosophical heritage to face the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. 

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Alliance for Responsible Citizenship

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship is a bold, new initiative backed by Jordan Peterson, Sir Paul Marshall and Legatum. With its inaugural conference planned for Autumn 2023, ARC has a vision to become a movement of people of goodwill from around the world who are committed to creating a “better story” for all. Working together with a diverse group of thinkers and leaders, ARC will advocate for positive, hope-filled and solutions-oriented responses to life’s most fundamental social, economic, philosophical, and cultural questions.

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