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Legatum Institute to host London leg of international Free Market Roadshow Tour

On 21st May, the Legatum Institute will host the London leg of the international Free Market Roadshow Tour.

Touring throughout Europe and North America, the Free Market Roadshow is one of the leading conservative, free-market and small state tours in the world. Founded by the Austrian Economics Center, it is devoted to spreading the word of free markets, creative destruction, and entrepreneurialism on university campuses and in the world’s finest centre right think tanks.

This year, Legatum Institute is hosting the London leg of the tour, in partnership with the Adam Smith Institute and College Green Group on 21st May.

With a full programme of events running throughout the day, Legatum Institute and the Adam Smith Institute will host talks and panels on defending and promoting capitalism, the US-UK relationship, how to sell free markets to young people and find solutions on everything ranging from housing, to immigration, to regulation and inflation, and more. We are excited to launch a new paper by Fred de Fossard, the Head of the British Prosperity Unit at Legatum Institute and our Director of Parliamentary Affairs on the growth of ‘woke capitalism’ and how the Government can turn the tide. Speakers will include Robert Jenrick MP, Sir Brandon Lewis MP and Lord Hannan of Kingsclere, and many more.

To register your interest and apply for the event, please click here

This event will include a buffet lunch at the Institute, and drinks in the afternoon. For full details of the event, please see the Free Market Roadshow site here.