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The Legatum Institute is therefore calling for a televised debate between the two people most likely to be Foreign Secretary after the General Election, the current occupant Lord Cameron and the Shadow Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, to set out their respective visions for the United Kingdom.

May, 31 2024

On 21st May the Legatum Institute hosted the London leg of the international Free Market Road Show. This is the speech given by the former Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

May, 24 2024

On 21st May, the LI will host the international Free Market Roadshow as it hits our capital.

Apr, 24 2024

The Legatum Institute has published a new briefing paper into who is voting for Reform UK and why?

Mar, 31 2024

The Legatum Institute has produced a new report by Zewditu Gebreyohanes on the roll-back of democracy in the National Trust

Mar, 21 2024

On the day the Government published a Statutory Instrument designed to stop politicised de-banking, Legatum Institute hosted its first Financial Freedoms Summit

Mar, 14 2024

Legatum Institute has published a new briefing by Fred de Fossard with ten proposals to increase British prosperity.

Mar, 01 2024

Legatum Institute has started a new project: defending financial freedom in the age of de-banking.

Feb, 19 2024

The Legatum Institute has produced a new report recommending the integration of Canada into AUKUS.

Feb, 08 2024