Fred de Fossard

Fred de Fossard: Head of the British Prosperity Unit

Fred is responsible for the Legatum Institute’s work on British prosperity, encompassing Brexit opportunities, regulatory reform, and economic growth. As well as commissioning research and running campaigns on salient political and economic issues of the day, he is developing a long-term programme of work focused on the renewal and rebirth of a Common Law approach to regulation, to help ensure Britain develops an innovative and competitive economy outside the European Union.

Before working at the Institute, he served as a Special Adviser to Jacob Rees-Mogg between 2020 and 2022, advising him in his role as Leader of the House, Brexit Opportunities Minister, and Business Secretary, gaining a deep understanding of the mechanics of the British state and how it needs to be reformed. While a Spad, he helped deliver a host of regulatory reforms related to Brexit, policies to improve civil service recruitment, and helped manage the government’s legislative agenda.

While working for the political consultancy Public First from 2018 to 2020, he developed grassroots campaigns including a Europe-wide campaign for better regulation in the tech sector and travelled the country to understand public attitudes to new housing.

Fred spent a number of years managing PR and communications campaigns for clients of his own in a range of sectors, from farming and software to charities and food and drink.

He read history at Magdalen College, Oxford, and takes a keen interest in the Peasants’ Revolt. Before working in politics, he was a chef.