Alexander Gray

Alexander Gray: Senior Researcher

Alexander Gray is a Senior Researcher at the Legatum Institute in the Sovereignty Unit. His latest report, From AUKUS to CAUKUS: The Case for Canadian Integration, made the case for Canadian membership of AUKUS Pillar 2 and was endorsed by four former Prime Ministers. He previously worked in Parliament, predominantly on issues related to China and national security, and spent four years at the think tank Policy Exchange working on security and extremism, foreign policy, defence, and the History Matters project.

Alexander is also an editor of History Reclaimed, alongside Professor Lawrence Goldman, Professor Robert Tombs, Professor David Abulafia and Zewditu Gebreyohanes. He is the author of the major History Reclaimed report “Can we trust the BBC with our history?” which assesses the accuracy and balance of the treatment of controversial and complex subjects in a series of flagship BBC programmes. The report received widespread coverage in the British and international press, including on the front page of The Telegraph.

He is an Army reservist in the Honourable Artillery Company, speaks native French and holds a degree in politics from King’s College London.