Dr Radomir Tylecote

Dr Radomir Tylecote: Managing Director

Radomir was Special Adviser to Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP as Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, then Business Secretary.

Previously at the Legatum Institute and Institute of Economic Affairs he published some of the most influential think-tank publications in the last decade.

Radomir co-authored the book Plan A+: creating a prosperous post-Brexit UK, lauded as the free-trading, pro-sovereignty Brexiteer alternative to the Chequers White Paper, which planned regulatory alignment with the EU.

The most publicised think-tank release in British history and launched live on two TV channels, the book announced the return of Britain as a free-trade nation: described by the Telegraph as having “moved the centre of gravity in the Conservative Party” and by one cabinet minister as “vital to the course of Brexit history”. Boris Johnson quoted from Plan A+ in his first speech as Prime Minister on Britain’s new course as an independent, free-trading nation. The book was also the subject of an eighteen-month campaign of illegal censorship by a major regulator, which has since apologised and the episode has become a test-case in the modern suppression of free speech.

His other publications include Inadvertently Arming China?: The Chinese military complex and its potential exploitation of scientific research at UK universities. This investigation into the funding of British university research centres by Chinese military-linked organisations demonstrated for the first time their research outputs in military-applicable fields. Making international front-page news, the paper was the subject of a major BBC documentary.

Radomir is a regular public speaker and often published in the Telegraph, Express, Spectator and elsewhere. He has been a speech-writer to a foreign former Prime Minister and is a co-founder of the Free Speech Union and author of numerous other books and papers whose proposals have become conservative policy, including, with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Raising the Roof: how to solve the United Kingdom’s housing crisis, on how the free-market can unleash beautiful housebuilding for everyone.

He has an MPhil from Cambridge University and a double-scholarship quantitative PhD from Imperial College London.

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