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Introducing the Legatum Institute financial freedom project: sovereignty, liberty, prosperity

Britain, and the West, have entered an era where freedom of expression and political belief have become threatened by the financial system.

ESG mandates are being embedded in our economy through regulation and law. Politicians and private citizens alike have had their bank accounts frozen or suspended because they have expressed normal political views. These are threats to liberty and prosperity, and should not be taken lightly.

This is why Legatum Institute is setting up a new project, devoted to financial freedom, and will be publishing work, and running campaigns on this subject this year, and beyond. Beginning with a series of events with our friends at the Heritage Foundation from the United States, we will first diagnose the extent and severity of the problem in the United Kingdom, before identifying and helping to deliver the solutions.

While ESG funds have been performing poorly recently, and many advocates of this movement have started to turn their back on this agenda in the United States, here in Britain, ESG is becoming more entrenched, as financial services regulators and antitrust bodies bend existing rules and create new ones to support ESG and erode financial freedom.  We will examine the regulatory underpinnings of ESG and culture in the financial sector, and campaign to deliver the solutions in legislation, culture, and business practice. This is a movement of people as well as an academic project. If you would like to find out more and work with us, please click here to sign up for more information, and apply to take part in our events.  

This article was co-authored by Fred de Fossard and Dr Radomir Tylecote.