Global Index of Economic Openness

The Economic Openness programme aims to provide the international community with tools to identify and tackle economic inequality

Global growth has increased significantly since 1947, with open economies responsible for lifting billions out of poverty. However this growth has not been even, and now appears to have slowed. Key to this has been the market distortions which have had a disproportionate impact upon the world’s poorest people.

Led by Dr Stephen Brien and advised by some of the world’s foremost trade experts, our Global Index of Economic Openness will enable governments to assess the economic impact of these market distortions. The Index ranks more than 150 countries’ openness to commerce, assessing the environment that enables or hinders their ability to trade both domestically and internationally.

As part of this programme we are also publishing a series of in-depth country case studies analysing their performance in the key characteristics of openness to trade, investment, ideas, competition, and talent.

Programme lead

Dr Stephen Brien

Director of Policy

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