Empowered People

Empowered People have access to what they need to invest in their own wellbeing and that of their communities


More Good Homes

Few things matter more to people than having a secure home to live in. The lack of affordable housing in the UK is fast becoming one of the major challenges of our generation. The country’s house building record is poor when compared with many other nations; we build fewer homes, and these tend to be smaller and more expensive than elsewhere. House prices have also gone up faster than in any comparable economy.

Led by Nicholas Boys Smith, our More Good Homes programme asks what the planning system should look like in 2030 in order to deliver sufficient numbers of affordable homes, creating a new pathway to prosperity and a new generation of homeowners.

Adolescent Mental Health

Mental health problems affect about 10% of children and young people in the UK, equating to around 850,000 individuals across the country. The impact of mental ill-health is well-documented: children and young people with mental health problems are more likely to experience educational difficulties, eating disorders and self-harm. Added to this, research shows that the majority of adult mental health problems begin in childhood. Understanding what leads to human flourishing and tackling mental ill-health early is essential if we are to improve the wellbeing of children to give them every opportunity to fulfil their potential as adults.

Led by Philippa Stroud, our Adolescent Mental Health programme examines how we can address the rise in mental health problems amongst young people and explores how we can equipp families and schools to provide the emotional and practical support needed to enable the next generation to flourish.