Going deeper: UK Prosperity Index 2022 downloads

As well as the full UK Prosperity Index report you can also download datasheets for each of the UK’s regions and 374 local authorities, the full 2022 Index dataset in Excel, and a detailed methodology report.


The Centre for UK Prosperity was launched in October 2020 with the goal of unlocking prosperity across all regions and communities in the UK. We know that genuine prosperity is about far more than building a strong economy or supporting individual wealth. True prosperity is only possible when all citizens, neighbourhoods, and communities are able to reach their full potential across broad aspects such as education, entrepreneurial activity, and community life.

While we support the Government’s focus on ‘levelling-up’ regions that have historically been left behind, we believe that we need to do more than just level-up regions to the status-quo. The UK stands at a ‘reset moment’, with more autonomy, flexibility, and control over its own destiny than at any other point for half a century. We need to embrace this moment with both hands and use the advantages that it brings to support as many of our regions and local communities as possible toward greater and long-lasting prosperity.

This is why, with the generous support of our donors, we have developed the UK Prosperity Index. It includes detailed data on levels of institutional, economic, and social wellbeing across the 374 boroughs, council areas, local government districts, and unitary and local authorities that encompass the four nations of the UK. The Index is specifically designed to be a transformational tool that allows citizens, local authorities, regions, and government to sharpen their understanding of what is working, track their progress over time, and hold leaders to account.

The UK Prosperity Index is a tool to better map and monitor the pathways to prosperity for all regions and local authorities of the UK. We believe it is the most ambitious and comprehensive index of its kind to date. However, no index is perfect and we are always looking to improve the UK Prosperity Index. You can help us improve our data by sending suggestions to ukprosperity@li.com.



Current downloads

The 2022 UK Prosperity Index report

Download PDF

Overview of the 2022 UK Prosperity Index

Download PDF

Mapping UK Prosperity

Download PDF

Prosperity Rankings Table for UK local authorities

Download PDF

Methodology UKPI 2022

Download PDF

2022 UK Prosperity Index full dataset

Download Excel spreadsheet

Profiles of every UK region and local authority