We appreciate the input of all those who have advised us


We would like to acknowledge the following individuals who contributed their time to the Centre for UK Prosperity. The views expressed in our reports are those of the Legatum Institute and do not necessarily reflect the views of these individuals.

Inclusive Societies domain

  • Anand Menon, Professor, King’s College London
  • Ben Bradley, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
  • Edward Fieldhouse, Professor, University of Manchester
  • Geoffrey Evans, Professor, Nuffield College, Oxford
  • Baroness Helen Newlove, Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom
  • Kelly Beaver, Managing Director, Ipsos MORI
  • Rakib Ehsan, Researcher, Royal Holloway
  • Rosie Campbell, Professor, King’s College London
  • Vernon Bogdanor, Professor, King’s College London

Open Economies domain

  • Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Professor, London School of Economics
  • Beldina Owalla, Research Associate, Sheffield University
  • Darja Reuschke, Associate Professor, University of Southampton
  • David Bannister, Professor, University of Oxford
  • David Rae, Professor, De Montfort University
  • Melanie Jones, Professor, Cardiff University
  • Michael Fell, Senior Research Fellow, University College London
  • Robert Huggins, Professor, Cardiff University
  • Stephen Roper, Professor, Warwick Business School
  • Stuart McIntyre, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
  • Yannis Pierrakis, Associate Professor, Kingston University

Empowered People domain

  • Anthony Seldon, Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Buckingham
  • Bijan Saki, Participation Manager, Glasgow Night Shelter
  • Cara Pacitti, Economist, Resolution Foundation
  • David Laws, Executive Chairman, Education Policy Institute
  • Edward Davies, Policy Director, Centre for Social Justice
  • Francis Green, Professor, UCL Institute of Education
  • Isabelle Hunt, Research Fellow, University of Manchester
  • Jane Graney, Research Nurse, University of Manchester
  • Jo Blanden, Professor, London School of Economics
  • Joe Shalam, Head of the Financial Inclusion Policy Unit, Centre for Social Justice
  • John Mohan, Professor, University of Birmingham
  • Julia Moore, former National Director e-Learning for Healthcare, Department of Health and Health Education England
  • Kristine Beuret, Director, Social Research Associates
  • Lucy Heller, Chief Executive, Ark
  • Mark Stephens, Professor, Heriot-Watt University
  • Michael Kelly, Professor, University of Cambridge
  • Nicholas Pleace, Professor, University of York
  • Richard Lowes, Research Fellow and Lecturer, University of Exeter
  • Robert Joyce, Deputy Director, Institute of Fiscal Studies
  • Roy Blatchford, Chief Executive, National Education Trust UK
  • Sam Unsworth, Doctoral Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Toby Lloyd, Chair, No Place Left Behind: the Commission into Prosperity and Community Placemaking