Centre for UK Prosperity

Our Centre for UK Prosperity is dedicated to creating the pathways from poverty to prosperity for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The UK is in a moment of transition and opportunity. The current administration has made clear its desire to level up the country, and the opposition is equally committed to regional renewal. Brexit has increased domestic accountability and enabled us to redefine our relationships with other nations around the world. It is a watershed moment for the country. And while the coronavirus pandemic has caused significant health, economic, and social damage, it has also highlighted the potential for new ways of living that could create a more just, free, and prosperous society.

The Centre for UK Prosperity will help leaders seize this opportunity to develop a path to prosperity by providing a holistic assessment of the UK’s current strengths and weaknesses, and a clear set of policies that will effectively and sustainably address the distinct challenges in different parts of the country. It will be evidence-led, rigorous, and ambitious.

Our UK Prosperity programme will build on our 14 years’ experience measuring prosperity across the world to assess how each local authority area is performing in terms of institutional, economic, and social wellbeing, and to develop policy proposals to help leaders address specific challenges at both regional and local level to improve prosperity across the UK.