African Prosperity

Our African Prosperity programme aims to shift the debate about the continent’s challenges and opportunities.

Our research traces the legacy of prosperity across Africa to single out common factors propelling those countries that have made the biggest prosperity progress over the years and identify the potential opportunity for other nations to embrace such good practices.

By assessing the characteristics of the African nations that have delivered more prosperity than expected, and those that have delivered less, we hope the continent’s leaders can assess their country’s strengths and the challenges they face and gauge how policy choices can further build open economies, inclusive societies, and empowered people.

Led by Stephen Brien, our African Prosperity programme provides empirical analysis of prosperity across the continent to empower decision makers to shape an agenda for lasting change. We hope leaders from all sectors of society will be able to use our work to identify credible and effective policy solutions to achieve real economic and social wellbeing.

Programme lead

Stephen Brien

Director of Policy

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