Centre for Metrics

The Legatum Institute has created a world-class Centre for Metrics – providing clear, accurate metrics that enable leaders to make clear, accurate decisions


Under the leadership of Dr Stephen Brien and Shaun Flanagan, the Legatum Institute has created a world-class Centre for Metrics that provides clear, accurate metrics that enable leaders to make well informed decisions. Our high quality metrics provide the foundations upon which we build our analysis, our ability to convene and, ultimately, our impact.

The Legatum Prosperity Index™

The Legatum Prosperity Index™ is a tool for leaders around the world to help set their agendas for growth and development. Prosperity entails much more than wealth, it is about creating an environment where a person can reach their full potential. The Legatum Prosperity Index is published annually, and measures prosperity across 167 countries every year, based on 12 pillars.

African Prosperity

Our research traces the legacy of prosperity delivery across Africa during the years of high growth. By assessing the characteristics of those countries that have delivered more prosperity than expected, and those that have delivered less, we hope the continent’s policymakers can assess their country’s strengths and weaknesses and gauge how policy choices can further build open economies, inclusive societies, and empowered people.

Central and Eastern European Prosperity

Over the last the last 30 years the rise in prosperity across Central and Eastern Europe has been truly remarkable. But as convergence with Western Europe has slowed over the last decade, serious questions now loom. The region’s long-term wellbeing is dependent on creating the conditions that develop, attract, and – crucially – retain highly skilled citizens.

Our Central and Eastern European Prosperity programme examines how the region’s nations can rise to this challenge, looking beyond existing partners and technologies to generate the growth and opportunities required to create a pathway to future prosperity

The Social Metrics Commission

The Social Metrics Commission (SMC) is chaired by the Legatum Institute’s CEO Baroness Stroud and is dedicated to helping policy makers and the public better understand poverty and tackle it more effectively. The goal of the SMC is to provide a new measurement of poverty for the UK with broad, long-term political support that ensures the Government and others reduce the number of people in poverty with effective policy interventions and improve the outcomes of the millions of people who experience poverty.