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All politics is local: strengthening communities, transforming people's lives

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

We are facing a moment of profound change, which demands a more coherent look at our governance and a better approach to empowering individuals and communities, who we believe should be at the heart of politics.

However, centrally-mandated policies are delivering public services with little input from local communities. Just as they can send signals through market mechanisms in the private sector, people want choices in public service delivery in order to feel in charge of their lives and have a say on how their taxes are spent. This matters because prosperity results from good governance. And good governance requires legitimacy, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness.

For democracy to work, individuals need to have confidence that government decisions are made because they are good for them and their communities. Most of our lives are spent as part of communities, which show their strength by being resilient and adaptable. Empowering people is at the heart of strengthening communities and society.

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