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27 October 2021

Perú a los 200: Plantean urgente necesidad de reformas políticas y judiciales

Confiamos en que el Perú pueda aprovechar este momento de crisis para iniciar un proceso de diálogo y conciliación que resulte en una política más consensuada y que haga posible la prosperidad de todos los peruanos.

21 July 2021

The U.S. is well positioned to rebuild strongly post-pandemic but needs to address long-term issues impacting prosperity as well as effects of Covid

2021 U.S. Prosperity Index shows the key to unlocking greater prosperity lies in the potential for improvement in every state and county.

30 November 2020

Government benefit changes protecting 700,000 people from poverty during Covid crisis

Our analysis shows that, at a time of crisis, Government action can protect many of those who are vulnerable to poverty

16 November 2020

Decisions that build prosperity and respect freedom and responsibility crucial to lead world through COVID

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, global prosperity stood at a record high, with 147 out of 167 countries seeing prosperity rise over the last decade, driven by improved health, education, and living conditions, and more open economies.

22 October 2020

Legatum Institute launches new Centre for UK Prosperity

The coming years represent a time of transition and opportunity for the UK. Never has it been more important for the country to ensure that it seizes the opportunity to build the pathway to prosperity.

12 December 2019

New report highlights urgent need for innovative solutions to tackle necessity-driven migration around the world

This report represents the final publication of the first phase of the Legatum Institute’s work on the issue of necessity-driven migration.

10 December 2019

New report reveals improvements to infrastructure and increased access to finance are best ways for Ghana to increase prosperity

A new report on economic openness in Ghana emphasises that furthering investment in infrastructure and increasing access to finance are Ghana’s greatest opportunities for enhancing future prosperity.

25 November 2019

Global prosperity continues to improve, but the gap between the strongest and weakest performing countries continues to widen

More open economies and improved lived experiences due to better health, education, and living conditions drive global prosperity to new high, with 148 out of 167 countries experiencing higher levels of prosperity than a decade ago.

29 July 2019

Social Metrics Commission publishes new report on poverty in the UK

New report on poverty highlights the scale of the challenge facing the new Prime Minister

6 February 2019

The SMC’s new poverty measure complies with the UK Code of Practice for Statistics

We are delighted to announce that the Social Metrics Commission has met the high standards for statistical rigour set out in the UK Statistic’s Authority Code of Practice.