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Luapula Province, Zambia. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos. August 2010
5 November 2010

2010 Legatum Prosperity Index™

We are pleased to introduce the 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index™, the world’s only global assessment of wealth and wellbeing. The Index provides a framework for assessing global prosperity that we hope will be of use to policymakers, scholars, businesses, and the globally curious for years to come

4 November 2009

2009 Legatum Prosperity Index™

Following a turbulent year marked by a global economic crisis, the Legatum Prosperity Index seeks to answer these two fundamental questions. It defines prosperity as both wealth and wellbeing, and finds that the most prosperous nations in the world are not necessarily those that have only a high GDP, but are those that also have happy, healthy, and free citizens.

5 November 2008

2008 Legatum Prosperity Index™

The 2008 Legatum Prosperity Index is the result of an investigation into the various factors that promote prosperity in nations. Recent research advances have made it possible to compare not only the material wealth but also the life satisfaction of people in countries worldwide.

4 November 2007

2007 Legatum Prosperity Index™

The 2007 Legatum Prosperity Index combines more than 70 variables into 20 key indicators in order to rank countries, based on the degree to which the actions of their people and governments drive or restrain the creation of well-rounded prosperity.

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