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Luapula Province, Zambia. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos. August 2010
23 September 2022

The poverty impact of the government energy price guarantee, and announced tax cuts

The policies announced will shield 1 million people from poverty. But even taking into account these policies, we are likely to see 1 and a half million people more into poverty this winter when compared with the pre-pandemic baseline.

6 September 2022

Rising costs projected to push 2.75 million into poverty

A new report by the Legatum Institute finds that rising costs will lead to an increase of 2.75 million in poverty versus pre-pandemic levels. Freezing energy prices at summer 2022 levels would shield 1.45 million of these people from falling into poverty.

5 September 2022

The tax cuts Liz Truss should adopt to release growth

This article looks specifically at Truss’ tax cuts on their own terms: as an engine for kickstarting productivity growth.

27 July 2022

Why Ukraine’s resistance has succeeded where Belarus’ has failed

The resilience of the Ukrainian people shows the importance of close communal ties and national identity for resilient nations.

15 July 2022

Maks Levin named recipient of 2022 Courage in Journalism Award

“Every photographer dreams of taking a picture that will stop the War”
– Maks Levin

5 July 2022

Launch of new Poverty Strategy Commission in the UK

Cross-party, cross-sectoral commission of politicians, business leaders and civil society unite to develop strategy to tackle persistent poverty in the UK.

12 July 2022

The 2022 Courage in Journalism Award

The award honours and recognizes the brave men and women who have given their lives in the pursuit of bringing truthful accounts of the facts. The event also stands against the increasing threats to media freedoms around the world.

14 June 2022

Uprating benefits in line with inflation would protect 780,000 from falling into poverty.

420,000 of those protected from falling into poverty are in working families.

10 June 2022

Can the UK government recover? 5 Challenges for progress

The first task for Johnson will be to mark a shift from his previous approach to leadership by rebuilding public trust, but the prospects of the government also rest on its ability to address the major challenges the nation faces.

26 May 2022

Chancellor’s new package of benefits will shield 650,000 from poverty

Nearly half of those supported to remain out of poverty are in working families. 310,000 of those protected from falling into poverty are in working families, while only 130,000 of those affected are in workless families.