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Luapula Province, Zambia. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos. August 2010
1 July 2020

Latest report on UK poverty from Social Metrics Commission highlights 39% rise in deep poverty since 2000 – and says figure may increase further as result of coronavirus

The new report from the Social Metrics Commission emphasises the importance of looking beyond headline numbers of people in poverty to better understand the nature of that poverty, and provides a baseline to help understand the potential impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

4 June 2020

New report on Economic Openness in Colombia reveals major improvements to infrastructure, border facilitation, and legal system are key to boosting Colombia’s economy

Increasing its economic openness will be vital for Colombia’s success post-crisis, helping the country fulfil its potential as a regional leader and improve the lives of its citizens.

18 May 2020

Legatum Institute appoints Managing Director

New Managing Director will help the Legatum Institute achieve its ambitious vision

26 February 2020

Syrian journalist and activist Raed Fares receives 2020 Courage in Journalism Award

Raed Fares, the Syrian journalist and prominent activist who was fatally shot by armed gunmen in November 2018, is awarded the 2020 Courage in Journalism Award by the Legatum Institute.

12 December 2019

New report highlights urgent need for innovative solutions to tackle necessity-driven migration around the world

This report represents the final publication of the first phase of the Legatum Institute’s work on the issue of necessity-driven migration.

10 December 2019

New report reveals improvements to infrastructure and increased access to finance are best ways for Ghana to increase prosperity

A new report on economic openness in Ghana emphasises that furthering investment in infrastructure and increasing access to finance are Ghana’s greatest opportunities for enhancing future prosperity.

25 November 2019

Global prosperity continues to improve, but the gap between the strongest and weakest performing countries continues to widen

More open economies and improved lived experiences due to better health, education, and living conditions drive global prosperity to new high, with 148 out of 167 countries experiencing higher levels of prosperity than a decade ago.

15 October 2019

New report reveals further reforms to investment, infrastructure and governance is greatest way for Indonesia to increase prosperity

Our report reveals that furthering President Widodo’s reforms to attract investment, develop infrastructure, and improve governance remains Indonesia’s greatest opportunity for enhancing future economic openness

10 October 2019

Latest report reveals improved governance in Romania would lead to greater prosperity

Latest report reveals improved governance in Romania would increase public confidence, leading to greater prosperity.

24 September 2019

Economic Openness in Romania: the opportunities, challenges and risks

The Legatum Institute will be showcasing our in-depth report on Romania’s economic openness on 10th October. This event will address the opportunities, challenges and risks currently faced by the country.