The Legatum Institute is delighted that Professor Angus Deaton, Princeton University Professor of Economics and International Affairs has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economics.

The Legatum Institute Congratulates Professor Angus Deaton on Nobel Prize For Economics

Professor Deaton, a principal advisor to the Legatum Institute’s global Prosperity Index and a long-standing friend to the international think tank, was awarded the prestigious Prize for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare.

In 2014, Professor Deaton co-authored the Legatum Institute’s Wellbeing & Policy report as part of its Commission on Wellbeing and Policy. The Commission, which was chaired by former UK Cabinet Secretary, Lord O’Donnell, argued that analysis of wellbeing should influence government policy-making.

Professor Deaton advises the Legatum Institute’s annual Prosperity Index, which compares the economic and social wellbeing of 142 countries across the world. The 2015 Index will be published on 2 November.

In November 2014, Professor Deaton spoke at a round-table discussion in New York hosted by the Legatum Institute. He argued that various measures of wellbeing, such as how people feel about their lives, their health or their mental state, can add something to our analysis of countries and individuals. The discussion explored some of the causes of personal wellbeing, such as strong familial and community relationships, while touching on the need for further work to explore what actions governments may take to improve the lives of their citizens without circumscribing individual freedom.

Sian Hansen, Executive Director of the Legatum Institute said:

“The Legatum Institute would like to congratulate Professor Deaton on this outstanding achievement. Angus has contributed a huge amount to our work on the importance of wellbeing to prosperity and we are delighted that his first class contribution in this area has been recognised at the highest level.”


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