“The Legatum Institute Commission will look at how wellbeing can have real and practical policy implications on the individual level, the community and regional level, and at the national and global level. Wellbeing research is a fantastic new growth area. Together with the Legatum Institute, we are going to make this the driver of policy and governments.”

Chaired by Lord O'Donnell, the Legatum Institute Commission on Wellbeing Policy will be independent, non-partisan, and will include leading scholars and policy practitioners from the UK and around the world. The Commission will examine a range of issues, including welfare policy, health, and work and wellbeing. The final Commission report will illustrate the strengths and limitations of wellbeing analysis, tying latest research findings to the everyday practical needs of citizens. (see press release here)

The Legatum Prosperity Index is the Legatum Institute's unique annual assessment of global prosperity based on both material wealth and personal wellbeing. The 2012 edition was launched on October 30 and assesses 142 countries (96% of the world’s population and 99% of global GDP) in eight categories: Economy; Education; Entrepreneurship & Opportunity; Governance; Health; Personal Freedom; Safety & Security; and Social Capital. The full report is available at www.prosperity.com.

Legatum Institute President and CEO Jeffrey Gedmin speaking at the reception