"I arrived at the Legatum Institute in early November to take up post as CEO. Many of my friends and colleagues asked me about the move and why I wanted to make it. It was not difficult to answer. The word “Legatum” means legacy. At the Legatum Institute, we have the opportunity to focus on tackling the major challenges of our day—to identify and seize the opportunities that will make the world a better place for the next generation taking people on the journey from poverty to prosperity, but also to  tackle the challenges of our generation and to ensure the legacy we pass on is one of increasing prosperity and human flourishing. 
"There has rarely been a more important time in history to have this mandate. The political, social and economic tectonic plates of this world are shifting like never before. To be able to stand at a point in history and look forward with a sense of hope and vision whilst not being blind to the dangers is a real privilege.
"Following the EU referendum result, Britain faces an unfrozen moment in history in which our destiny is unwritten. The decisions made by government over the coming months and years will have a huge impact (more so than usual) on the nation’s future prosperity. The potential for change—both positive and negative—is larger than at any point in the post-war era. In moments such as this, opportunities for influence emerge. Our Economics programme and in particular our Special Trade Commission seeks to capture the moment by providing the UK with genuine expertise and experience from seasoned trade negotiators from across the world. 
"The Legatum Institute remained firmly neutral during the referendum campaign but now the decision has been taken we have a responsibility to work for the best possible outcome. We are optimistic about the future. Britain’s departure from the European Union represents an opportunity to shape the legacy we leave for future generations. We’re determined to ensure that legacy is a positive one."