Best-selling author, musician, commentator and social scientist Arthur Brooks joins Legatum Institute Board of trustees.

Arthur Brooks joins Legatum Institute Board

The Legatum Institute Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Arthur Brooks, former president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), to its Board of trustees, effective 2nd September 2019.

Brooks is a best-selling author, musician, commentator, and social scientist, whose work has changed the way leaders across the world think about poverty and opportunity. He was president of AEI for 10 years from 2009 until this past July, spearheading the organisation’s work to ensure that all Americans understand and can access the benefits of free enterprise and earned success.

Since leaving AEI, Brooks has taken up two roles at Harvard University, as Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and as Arthur C. Patterson Faculty Fellow at the Harvard Business School. In these roles, he will focus on developing leadership practices and policies that encourage entrepreneurship, enhance human happiness, and promote the wellbeing of those at all levels of society.

Brooks is known around the world for his work examining the interplay between culture, economics, and politics. In February 2019, he spoke at the Legatum Institute’s Road to Character programme of events on ‘Why Character Determines Success’. His most recent book, ‘Love Your Enemies’, highlights the need for people in America and elsewhere to reach across the divide, counter the current culture of contempt, and engage in a loving way with those we disagree with in order to make progress as a society.

Commenting on the appointment, Alan McCormick, Chairman of the Legatum Institute Foundation, said: “I am delighted to welcome Arthur to the Board. He brings a wealth of experience from academia and beyond, a global perspective, and a deep understanding that genuine prosperity requires both economic and social wellbeing. His work on earned success brings an understanding of prosperity that goes beyond the material as well as raising important questions about human dignity. I am confident that he will make an invaluable contribution to our mission as we work to foster open economies, inclusive societies and empowered people.”

Arthur Brooks said: “I am thrilled to be joining the Board of the Legatum Institute Foundation. While huge progress has been made over the past decades, there is still work to be done to help lift more people out of poverty. A healthy competition of ideas and understanding of the systems and principles that have succeeded in the past are crucial to continued progress. This is why the Legatum Institute’s work to measure prosperity around the world and identify the approaches designed to lift people up is so vital. I am greatly looking forward to working with my fellow trustees and the wider staff team at the Institute.”

CEO of the Legatum Institute, Philippa Stroud, said: “I am so pleased that Arthur Brooks is joining the Legatum Institute Foundation. He expresses a global vision for creating pathways from poverty to prosperity, and his work and visionary thinking on issues of character have already informed and inspired many of us at the Institute. Arthur has been a great friend to the organisation over the years and I know he will be a huge support in his new role.”

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