The pamphlet covers proposals for government reform, economic policy, energy policy, and social affairs.

2020 Vision - An Agenda for Transformation (PDF, 2MB)

“The Legatum Institute is the natural home for those wishing to secure the success of societies that are free, creative and enterprising,” said Legatum Institute President and CEO Jeffrey Gedmin. “Fresh approaches and new voices are now needed in order to understand the current turbulence as well as to shape the democratic future in a resolute and independent manner. LI is not allied to any political organisation, however, many of its distinctive values are reflected in the essays brought together in this publication.”

Greg Barker, Minister of State for Climate Change and MP for Bexhill and Battle, and a member of the 2020 group said “we are seeking to inject a renewed sense of hope and optimism into the policy debate. The support we have had from the Legatum Institute has been tremendous, and we appreciate their support and interest in our ideas.”