Alliance for Responsible Citizenship

This bold new initiative, backed by Jordan Peterson, Sir Paul Marshall, and Legatum, comprises the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship Ltd and ARC Research, a not-for-profit organisation (together “ARC”).

With its inaugural conference planned for Autumn 2023, ARC has a vision to become a movement of people of goodwill from around the world who are committed to creating a “better story” for all. Working together with a diverse group of thinkers and leaders, ARC will advocate for positive, hope-filled and solutions-oriented responses to life’s most fundamental social, economic, philosophical, and cultural questions.

The Context

Life has improved dramatically over the past few centuries, for almost everyone, everywhere. We live longer, are increasingly well-educated and enjoy unparalleled access to fresh water, food, energy, and resources. While many problems remain, it is important not to understate the enormity of the accomplishment.

Despite these long-running upward trends, we are at a defining moment in our societies. Growth, at least in the West, has stagnated and there is a growing scepticism and anxiety about the sustainability of human development. The shared stories and values which once provided unity are contested, culture is more polarised and fragmented than ever, and there is a sense of fragility and crisis which pervades everything from the basics of individual identity to the heart of our democratic structures.

The Alliance

With this as the backdrop, ARC has drawn together a unique alliance from around the world, covering politics, business, the arts and culture. Our ambition is to draw on our moral, cultural, economic, and spiritual foundations to imagine a future where empowered citizens take responsibility for bringing flourishing and prosperity to their homes, neighbourhoods, and all sectors of society in their nation.

We are citizens from around the world but each of us recognises that our societies are at turning points, we are in danger of forgetting the fundamental principles which have allowed us to flourish and we need to develop a better story.

In our first year, we will be seeking to answer six foundational questions covering everything from our core stories to how to best steward the environment.

ARC’s Six Questions

ARC offers six fundamental questions to contemplate
as we seek a voluntarily compelling, motivating, stabilising, and uniting vision.

  1. Vision and Story: Can we find a unifying story that will guide us as we make our way forward?
  2. Responsible Citizenship: How do we facilitate the development of a responsible and educated citizenry?
  3. Family and Social Fabric: What is the proper role for the family, the community, and the nation in creating the conditions for prosperity?
  4. Free Enterprise and Good Governance: How do we govern our corporate, social, and political organisations so that we promote free exchange and abundance while protecting ourselves against the ever-present danger of cronyism and corruption?
  5. Energy and Resources: How do we provide the energy and other resources upon which all economies depend in a manner that is inexpensive, reliable, safe, and efficient, including in the developing world?
  6. Environmental Stewardship: How should we take the responsibility of environmental stewardship seriously?