New Zealand has the biggest prosperity surplus—the greatest delivery of prosperity given wealth—of any country in the world. Why this is, and how other countries can emulate its success, are some of the many interesting questions raised by the Index.

The group examined the many possible drivers of this success, from the enduring strength of institutions and the attitudinal legacy of settlement, to New Zealand’s impressive trade links and policy reforms.

Minister English spoke in great detail about one such reform approach, the social investment model, that together with a commitment to clear, accessible, open data, is helping to democratise the trade-offs that have to be made in government by involving communities at the very highest level of service design and delivery.

It is precisely this sort of innovation within existing governmental and institutional structures that offers interesting ideas for other countries, such as the UK, looking at how best government can secure rising prosperity for their citizens.

Minister English was joined by Secretary to the New Zealand Treasury, Gabriel Makhlouf, and the New Zealand High Commissioner to the UK, Sir Lockwood Smith.