The Legatum Institute events programme looks to bring together a community of likeminded individuals to work together to deliver positive change. The Institute plays host to a wide range of thought leaders from around the world, from leading economists to policy makers, journalists, philanthropists and figures from business.

Our research programmes

Race Equality Commission

Building on the data and analysis available in the Government’s 2017 Race Disparity Audit, the Commission will explore why racial disparity exists in the UK and identify the changes that would make a tangible difference to people’s lives and lead to a lived experience of racial equality.

Centre for UK Prosperity

Our Centre for UK Prosperity is dedicated to creating the pathways from poverty to prosperity for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Courage in Journalism

The Courage in Journalism Award was created to highlight the dangers faced by journalists around the world, and is presented posthumously to a journalist whose death in the past year was a direct result of their work.

Prosperity across the United States

Our United States Prosperity programme is focused on developing a comprehensive picture of prosperity for all 50 states of the Union as well as Washington D.C., and across hundreds of counties in a number of selected states.

African Prosperity

Our African Prosperity programme aims to shift the debate about the continent’s challenges and opportunities.

Social Metrics Commission

The Commission is dedicated to helping policymakers and the public better understand poverty and tackle it more effectively

Legatum Prosperity Index

The Legatum Prosperity Index™ is the only global index that measures national prosperity based on institutional, economic, and social wellbeing

Centre for Metrics

Our Centre for Metrics team creates indexes and datasets purposefully designed to support leaders around the world to develop policy solutions that build greater prosperity for all

Global People Movements

Our Global People Movements programme aims to identify the solutions that would assist necessity-driven migrants, refugees, and victims of trafficking

How Nations Succeed

Our research examines how nations succeed by analysing the varied experiences of developing nations over the past 60 years

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