The Master Plan

The Master Plan

The Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum hosted a screening of the documentary ‘The Master Plan’, followed by a discussion and reception.

An event hosted by the Archive programme.

Published 27 Jun 2016

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The Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum hosted a screening of the documentary ‘The Master Plan’, followed by a discussion and reception.

About The Master Plan

The Master Plan is an investigative documentary that explores Russia’s methods of influencing the domestic policy of the Baltic States. The film analyses the propaganda war in Europe and explores tactics such as historical disinformation, the promotion of bogus NGOs, and funding of political figures who are aligned with Moscow. It raises alarming questions about Putin’s true aims in Europe and beyond.  Following the screening, LI’s Peter Pomeranzev led a discussion with two of the filmmakers, who explained the realities of the effects of this propaganda in Latvia and the region, such as dividing communities and creating an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. In answer to the question of what can be done, the panellists pointed out this is not just an issue for the Baltics and each country should look at how their own policies contribute to Russia’s ability to corrupt information. In the UK, this means tackling offshore and the loose policies that enable the flow of illicit funds.

Speakers included Inga Spriņģe, Researcher, The Master Plan and investigative journalist, and Sanita Jemberga, Scriptwriter, The Master Plan; Executive Director and Editor, Re:Baltica. The discussion was moderated by Edward Lucas, senior editor, The Economist with introductory remarks by AmbassadorAndris Teikmanis of the Embassy of Latvia.

About the Speakers

Inga Spriņģe is an award-winning investigative journalist and broadcaster. She has specialised in uncovering the cases of corruption, smuggling, and links to the organised crime. She teaches media literacy at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Sanita Jemberga has worked in the press and television since 1996. She currently works as Executive Director and Editor of Re:Baltica. She also serves as the head of the Latvian Journalists Association, and a representative of Latvia in UNESCO International Program for Development of Communication.

Edward Lucas is a senior editor at The Economist. He has more than 30 years’ experience dealing with the countries of central and eastern Europe, with postings which include Berlin for the BBC in 1988, stringing for The Economist in communist-era Czechoslovakia and later in the Baltic States, and being editorial director of the Economist Intelligence Unit in Vienna. In 1998 he became Moscow Bureau Chief. After returning to London in 2002 Lucas worked for the Britain section and then became the Central and East European correspondent. He is the author of Deception, a book about Russian espionage, published in March 2012. His first book was the The New Cold War published in February 2008.

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