Men and women can work together to create a more prosperous and equal world

Men and women can work together to create a more prosperous and equal world

In the latest instalment of our Road to Character series, Dame Helena Morrissey argued that achieving real collaboration between men and women is not just wishful thinking.

An event hosted by the Cultural Transformation programme.

Published 20 Jul 2018

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Addressing an audience which included a number of A-Level students, Helena challenged the next generation to take an even bolder approach to the issue of gender equality, and recognise that meaningful progress is not about tokenism or quotas, but about harnessing the unique abilities of all individuals.

Discussing the conclusions of her new book, A good time to be a girl; don’t lean in, change the system, she asserted that equality is not only about increasing the representation of women in the world’s boardrooms and parliaments, but valuing the skills and perspectives they offer. Only then will communities and nations around the world be able to fulfil their extraordinary potential.

The Legatum Institute’s Road to Character series examines those values which most strengthen and enrich the wellbeing of people, communities and nations. Launched in 2017 by the best-selling author and New York Times columnist David Brooks, it invites leading thinkers to discuss the character trait they most value, and how it has proved a pivotal influence in their lives. The series comprises a key part of the Legatum Institute’s Cultural Transformation programme which seeks to help the UK’s great institutions examine how they can make a greater contribution to the strength, integrity and health of our society.