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2018 WeekLI Newsletters

December 2018

07/12/2018: The Legatum Prosperity Index 2018: Spotlights on Sri Lanka, Paraguay and Estonia

November 2018

30/11/ 2018: 2018 Legatum Prosperity Index: Global prosperity rises to its highest level ever

16/11/2018: It's our turn to help the world's most vulnerable children  

09/11/2018: Why do some nations fail, while others succeed?

02/11/2018: The Legatum Institute responds to the 2018 Budget.

October 2018

26/10/2018: Budget Special: Our CEO, Philippa Stroud, calls for new investment in Universal Credit to ensure work pays

19/10/2018: Anti-Slavery Day in the United Kingdom 

12/10/2018: World Mental Health Day shines a spotlight on the need to support vulnerable young people

05/10/2018: Britain’s housing minister joins our expert panel to examine how we can deliver more good homes for the UK

September 2018

28/09/2018: Launching the Central & Eastern Europe Prosperity Report 

21/09/2018: Launching the Social Metrics Commission's Poverty Measure 

14/09/2018: Debating the ideas that will transform the next generation at the Big Tent Festival 

7/09/2018: Introducing our autumn programme

August 2018

31/08/2018: Introducing our programmes: The World Ahead - India and China 

24/08/2018: Introducing our programmes: International Development 

17/08/2018: Introducing our programmes: Adolescence   

10/08/2018: Introducing our programmes: Effective Government

03/08/2018: Introducing our programmes: Global People Movements

July 2018

27/07/2018: We must tackle the adolescent mental health crisis now if young people are to fulfil their vast potential 

20/07/2018: By re-empowering communities we can restore public confidence in the accountability and effectiveness of government 

13/07/2018: Our CEO welcomes the Government's commitment to a greater role for small charities in delivering foreign aid 

6/07/2018: Transforming the lives of individuals, communities and nations is an urgent mission for us all

June 2018

29/06/2018: Today's EU refugee deal raises as many questions as it answers 

22/06/2018: It is time to accept that the refugee crisis is the humanitarian challenge of our generation 

15/06/2018: Refugees, particularly unaccompanied children, face unacceptable risks in their efforts to reach safety 

8/06/2018:  We need to reform our planning system to create the affordable homes the UK needs 

1/06/2018: Business is stepping up in the fight against modern slavery

May 2018

25/05/2018: END fund working to successfully eliminate neglected tropical diseases in Rwanda 

11/05/2018: Sir Roger Scruton speaks about how loyalty shapes our culture 

4/05/2018: Dambisa Moyo - we need courage if we are to succeed in making democracies more effective and accountable

April 2018

27/04/2018: Arthur Brooks - how can we create the pathways to lift the next two billion people out of poverty?

20/04/2018: Young people are three times more likely to suffer from loneliness than pensioners 

13/04/2018: Enabling refugees to fulfil their entrepreneurial potential will create new pathways towards prosperity

6/04/2018: The world unites to celebrate Martin Luther King's remarkable legacy

March 2018

29/03/2018: New statistics illustrate the growing challenge of modern slavery in the UK 

23/03/2018: We must build on our proud history of confronting human trafficking and modern slavery 

16/03/2018: Putting the community at the heart of the future of the Grenfell tower estate 

2/03/2018: Latest kidnappings demonstrate why insecurity is hampering Nigeria's pathway from poverty

February 2018

23/02/18: The Oxfam scandal illustrates why we need to develop a new model for creating the pathways from poverty 

16/02/18: Understanding the true dynamics of the migrant crisis will enable us to identify refugees' pathways from poverty

10/02/18: Let's build on the powerful legacy of those who pioneered votes for women

03/02/18: Homeless but not hopeless

January 2018

26/01/18: Why we must safeguard Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims

19/01/18: Increasing social mobility is the surest way to move people from poverty to prosperity

12/01/18: Why we need to do more to protect child refugees


2017 WeekLI Newsletters

December 2017

14/12/17: Legatum Institute: Year Review

7/12/17: The Legatum Prosperity Index™ finds that the prosperity gap is growing

November 2017

29/11/17: Norway tops the 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index

24/11/17: A secure political environment remains key to Zimbabwe's ability to prosper

16/11/17: Countdown to the 2017 Prosperity Index

3/11/17: Communities Secretary tells our Business Forum that action is needed now to solve the housing crisis

October 2017

27/10/17: David Brooks speaks of the importance of commitment on the road to character

12/10/17: More Good Homes: The urgent national mission for the UK

5/10/17: Celebrated historian Niall Ferguson speaks at the Legatum Institute

September 2017

22/09/17: The German election result will resonate across Europe

14/09/17: A partnership for progress: tackling the scourge of modern slavery

08/09/17: Strengthening our key institutions: cultural transformation

August 2017

31/08/17: Ending poverty and increasing prosperity

24/08/17: Ensuring all people prosper

17/08/17: The country we want to be

11/08/17: Populism and political change

04/08/17: From poverty to prosperity: we really can - and must - change the world

July 2017

27/07/17: Legatum Institute hosts UK-China dialogue on vulnerable children

20/07/17: Philippa Stroud makes the case for an effective poverty metric

13/07/17: Our CEO Philippa Stroud outlines our vision to secure pathways to prosperity

06/07/17: Rabbi Lord Sacks, Sir Oliver Letwin and Tim Montgomerie discuss timeless principles in a changing world

June 2017

29/06/17: Legatum's CEO responds to the Queen's speech saying unity is the pathway to prosperity

22/06/17: Leaving the EU must provide prosperity and opportunity for this and future generations

15/06/17: Our new paper predicts an overwhelming victory for Macron ahead of this week's election

1/06/17:  Our recent reports offer solutions for a thriving & prosperous financial sector post-Brexit

May 2017

25/05/17: Making the case for a strong US-UK trade deal

18/05/17: The Legatum Prosperity Index™ looks at how prosperity is forming and changing across the world

11/05/17: Our new report sets out a blueprint for UK trade policy

4/05/17: Former Trade Minister says UK has chance to be a global trade leader

April 2017

27/04/17: Prosperity UK Conference looks to make Brexit a success

20/04/17: Philippa Stroud comments on this week's announcement of a snap General Election

7/04/17: Introducing Legatum Institute's Centre for Cultural Transformation

March 2017

30/03/17: The Legatum Institute is building a world class Centre for Metrics and Data  

23/03/17: Introducing the new Legatum WeekLI bulletin