The Legatum Institute Foundation is an independent educational charity whose objectives are:

Understanding, measuring and explaining the journey from poverty to prosperity for individuals, communities and nations.

Our events, reports, and publications aim to advance education in the fields of economic, political, and social policy. We are not party political and do not promote any particular party policies; we remain open to all ideas and policies that will help move people from poverty to prosperity.

In disseminating our work, we aim to reach the widest possible audience and we actively engage with individuals from the business community, politics, academia, as well as the general public. Our engagements with political figures span all of the major political parties and we welcome constructive dialogue with people from all political persuasions. All policy recommendations stemming from our research – whether in connection with our programmes on effective government, refugees and migration, cultural transformation, or Brexit and global trade – are grounded in and shaped by the evidence we uncover in our research and are designed to educate the public and further our charitable objects.