The London-based Institute is housed in 11 Charles Street. The building and its core staff are provided by the generosity of our founders through the Legatum Foundation. Legatum as a firm was established with the express purpose of investing in philanthropic ventures and exploring and promoting transformational ideas.

The Legatum Institute is part of a global community of organisations founded and supported by Legatum Foundation. The Legatum Foundation invests in the development of people and communities and was established with the express purpose of investing in philanthropic ventures and exploring and promoting transformational ideas. The Legatum Foundation has originated, incubated and scaled a number of ground-breaking interventions, which include:

  • The Freedom Fund — which has become the largest funder of frontline organisations, and a leading advocated of a systems-based approach to ending modern slavery. Partnering with visionary investors, governments and anti-slavery organisations, the Fund tackles the systems that allow slavery to persist and thrive. By mobilising the knowledge and capital needed to end these crimes against humanity, the Freedom Fund is dedicated to building a world free of slavery.
  • The End Fund — which aims to control and eliminate the most prevalent neglected diseases among the world's poorest and most vulnerable people by 2020. In the Fund's first five years, it successfully treated more than 140 million men, women and children with over 331 million treatments, and cured conditions that are simple in treatment but devastating if untreated.
  • The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT — which provides a community hub for students, alumni and faculty who seek to accelerate social and economic progress through innovation-driven entrepreneurship. The Center was established by the Legatum Foundation in 2007 in order to demonstrate the power of entrepreneurship to catalyse transformation in society and to improve global wellbeing.
  • The Luminos Fund — which aims to restore hope and opportunity for millions who are out of school. The Fund is dedicated to developing and scaling innovative approaches to learning, for the most vulnerable children around the world. The Fund's capstone initiative, the Speed School programme, equips out-of-school students with basic reading, writing and math skills, through an accelerated curriculum that compresses three years into ten months. The success of this programme, which saw over 100,000 children re-enter the education system, enabled the Legatum Foundation to launch the Luminos Fund in 2015.

The Legatum Institute provides the thought leadership for policies that can transform lives for individuals, communities and nations on their journey from poverty to prosperity and we remain grateful for the support we have from the Legatum Foundation to make this possible.

The Legatum Institute is not a funding body and does not make any of its facilities available to third parties for commercial gain, in line with charitable rules.