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Sir Peter Bazalgette tells us why empathy is such an underrated feature of flourishing societies

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sir Peter Bazalgette delivered the latest lecture in our Road to Characterseries. He put forward the case that empathy is crucial for the wellbeing of society.

Listen to the lecture here.


Wisdom in Leadership: A lecture by Sir Anthony Seldon

Monday, 13 November 2017

On Monday 13 November at 6.30pm, the Legatum Institute is delighted to host Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University, to deliver the second in our Road to Character lecture series.

Sir Anthony, a well-known educationalist, author and broadcaster, will address the theme of “Wisdom in Leadership: The Qualities Our Leaders Need at a Time of Moral Crisis”. He will be setting his talk against the backdrop of the current scandals blighting politics; looking at what has gone wrong and how do we get it right.


David Brooks launches Legatum Institute's Road to Character lecture series

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

David Brooks, the best-selling author and New York Times columnist, launched the Legatum Institute's new Road to Character lecture series.

Courage, honesty, and charity are among the qualities that inspired our civilisation and shaped our world today. Yet these, and other crucial values, are too often missing from today's public life. In the Road to Character lecture series, inspired by David Brooks’s book of the same name, the Institute is inviting high profile speakers to examine the character trait they most cherish, and its role in their own, and in the nation's, life.

The Road to Character lecture series is part of the Institute’s Cultural Transformation programme. Future speakers include Sir Anthony Seldon speaking on wisdom in leadership (see below) and Sir Peter Bazelgette speaking on empathy. Next year, Helena Morrissey will speak on service, General Lord Guthrie on self-discipline and Dambisa Moya on courage.

Listen to the lecture here.