Transitions Forum

Examining the challenges and opportunities of radical political and economic change

The Transitions Forum encompasses a series of projects dedicated to the study of radical political and economic change through case studies, lectures and workshops, offering lessons learned for current and future transitions across the globe. It is a platform to promote creative, innovative ideas advancing prosperity at a time when a country is most ripe for such change.

As part of its work on transitions, the Legatum Institute co-publishes the Democracy Lab, a journalistic joint-venture with Foreign Policy magazine dedicated to reporting on political and economic challenges faced by countries that are striving to make the transition from authoritarianism to democracy.


Democracy Lab

Democracy Lab is an online partnership between the Legatum Institute and Foreign Policy magazine, dedicated to covering political and economic transitions around the world. It is edited by Legatum Institute Senior Fellow and veteran foreign correspondent Christian Caryl and features a roster of leading writers and thinkers.


Case Studies

The Transitions Forum Case Studies is a series of papers and projects dedicated to the challenges and possibilities of radical political and economic change. The project aims to cross-fertilise and encourage exchange between experts in countries and regions with relevant experience and people in transitioning countries.           


Lecture Series

The Transitions Lecture Series explores the role of economic reform in the success of democratic development. This is a joint-initiative between the Legatum Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy’s International Forum for Democratic Studies, and World Affairs.



Democracy Works

Democracy Works is a project that explores the relationship between democracy and growth with a case study of three countries: India, South Africa and Brazil. It is a joint-initiative between the Legatum Institute, the Centre for Development and Enterprise in Johannesburg, Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, and Instituto de Estudos do Trabalho e Sociedade in Rio de Janeiro.

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The Future of Iran

The Future of Iran is a project designed to encourage Iranians to begin thinking about the challenges they will face if, or when, they suddenly find themselves in a position to carry out major political, social and economic reforms. The programme is led by Anne Applebaum, Director of the Transitions Forum, together with Programme Advisor Sharan Tabari.