The Legatum Institute Summer School was a place of fusion and fission bringing together up and coming global leaders and a world-class faculty across disciplines and generations.

The 2012 Summer School explored the question ‘What makes civilizations flourish – and fail?’, and the week-long curriculum addressed today’s global economic and political issues through a prism of history, culture, politics and science.

The Class of 2012 was selected from hundreds of global applicants and include government advisors, elected officials, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, university professors, authors, playwrights, journalists, and film producers. Selections were made based on professional accomplishments and a commitment to exploring cross-disciplinary solutions to current global challenges.

The participants were joined by an outstanding faculty, including Sylvia Nasar, best-selling author and Professor of Business Journalism at Columbia University; Vali Nasr, Professor at Tufts University and designated Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; Dorothy Kosinski, Director of the Philips Collection in Washington, D.C.; John Hale, archaeologist and Director of the Liberal Studies Program at the University of Louisville; Robert Kagan, best-selling author and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; Anne Applebaum, Director of Political Studies at the Legatum Institute, Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author; Gungwu Wang, Chairman of the East Asian Institute and University Professor at the National University of Singapore; William Connell, Professor of History at Seton Hall University; author and historian Hywel WilliamsRobert Hahn, Director of Political Studies at the Legatum Institute, and Psychiatrist and author Iain McGilchrist.

“The Legatum Institute is presenting a new way of approaching issues through questions of economics and prosperity and presents a much longer vision of where important political trends are heading.” Vali Nasr, Dean of SAIS (Johns Hopkins University)

“This has been a remarkable experience. Looking at themes such as creativity and entrepreneurship from a range of different angles shows how they do all come together because they’re so much part of what it is to be human.” Elizabeth Linder, Facebook

“It’s been enlightening. There has been tremendous cross-fertilization within this broad discussion about civilizations.” Author and Brookings Institution scholar Robert Kagan

“There really is nothing like it. The Summer School could become a powerhouse for intellectual debate in the future.” Author and psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist

“You don’t start thinking about problems properly until you take that step back. This has been extremely rewarding.” Peter Spiegel, Financial Times

“The Legatum Institute is after something different in terms of expanding the way in which people think about issues of today. This week has exceeded my expectations.” Melissa Frakman, US-India Business Council

“We believe that liberty and responsibility are core to the foundation of a successful, prosperous society. But we are not looking to pick up simple answers or formulas. We aim to create an environment in which our faculty and participants are set free to discuss and debate.” Legatum Institute President and CEO Jeffrey Gedmin

“The Legatum Institute has run an exquisite program and hosted a civil, concentrated conversation filled with humour and joy. I feel honoured to have been invited.” Dorothy Kosinski, Director of the Phillips Collection

Take a look at this brief video with further impressions and testimonials: