In 2012-13 the Legatum Institute commenced a year-long, multi-disciplinary program exploring the role of morality in capitalist economies and societies. The global financial crisis, coupled with the lack of political consensus about how to move forward toward recovery, has put the future of capitalism in question. Around the world, and across the political spectrum, politicians are calling for increased government regulation of markets and more restrictions on businesses. Moreover, there is a growing questioning of whether free markets and a minimally regulated economy will produce a fair and prosperous society, where individual effort and hard work is rewarded, and where capital is put to its most productive and useful ends.

The foundations of modern society are built on commerce, enlightened self-interest, and investment; however, the underlying cultural and political constraints required to keep these productive and equitable have weakened in an increasingly cosmopolitan, fragmented, and individualistic world economy.

Below is an introductory video about the series, filmed during the Legatum Institute's Ethics for a More Prosperous World" one-day symposium in October 2012.

Drawing on the Legatum Institute's mission to help build a more prosperous world through liberty and responsibility, this series looked at capitalism from a religious, philosophic, and political perspective in attempting to answer how capitalism requires these constraints (that is, a moral basis) in order to effectively contribute to the prosperity of free nations now and for future generations.

Upcoming and Past Events

Ethics for a More Prosperous World

His Holiness the Dalai
Lama joined a Legatum Institute symposium and a live global webcast exploring the role of values and ethics as foundations of human prosperity.

25 October 2012

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Morality and Capitalism Debate

George Mason University professor, Steven Pearlstein, shared his views on it may be time to re-examine the concept of capitalism and markets.

13 June 2013

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The Future of Conservatism and The Fate of Free Enterprise

A panel discussion with Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs and Tim Montgomerie, opinon editor at The Times.

9 July 2013

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The series has now come to a close. Further information about Legatum Institute events is available here.

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