Cultural Transformation

Our Cultural Transformation Programme is committed to identifying the dynamics that weaken nations, and those that strengthen them.

One of the ways we do this is through our “Chatham House” dinners and events where sector experts share the challenges their industry is facing and what they believe needs to be done to build and restore a healthy culture to our top institutions and industries.

Historically strong nations and strong industries have been built on values such as courage, integrity, freedom, loyalty and social responsibility. The Legatum Institute’s programme of high-level roundtable events features off-the-record discussions to examine how values such as these can strengthen institutional frameworks.

Many of these values have been deeply challenged in recent years, particularly in industries such as politics, business and the media.

All around us, today, society is undergoing a paradigm shift in respect to its values system. This provides the perfect opportunity to engage thought leaders in all sectors of society in restoring our faith in values such as courage, integrity, justice and compassion. Through our discussions we can generate creative and credible solutions to promote the advancement of good citizenship and civic responsibility.  

Guest speakers have included Lord Griffiths, Prof Angie Hobbs, Prof Dieter Helm, Lord Deben; participants have included CEOs and legal councils of major corporations, peers and MPs, journalists and academics.