Archived Programmes

Since it was set up in 2008, the Legatum Institute has produced a number of different programmes and areas of research in support of its mission to understand, measure, and explain the journey from poverty to prosperity for individuals, communities, and nations.

Completed programmes and projects include:

Transitions Forum

The Transitions Forum was a five-year programme dedicated to the study of radical political and economic change. Led by Pulitzer Prize-winner, Anne Applebaum, its projects included: Democracy Lab; Beyond Propaganda series; Curbing Corruption series; The Future of Iran series; Country Case Study series. The Forum also served as the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Foreign Affairs. Find out more about the Transitions Forum here.

Democracy Lab

Democracy Lab is an online channel, hosted on the website of Foreign Policy magazine, dedicated to covering political and economic transitions around the world. Edited by veteran foreign correspondent, Christian Caryl, Democracy Lab was set up as part of the Transitions Forum in 2011.

The Culture of Prosperity

The Culture of Prosperity programme examined the historic and cultural roots of human flourishing to better understand the role of culture in our lives today. Its sub-programmes included: The History of Capitalism series; the Roads to Freedom series; the Architecture of Prosperity series and the Salon Series. The programme was led by historian and author, Hywel Williams. Find out more here.

Commission on Wellbeing and Policy

Chaired by former Cabinet Secretary, Lord O'Donnell, the Commission on Wellbeing and Policy was a year-long Legatum Institute project that explored how the measurement of individual wellbeing can be usefully applied to policy formulation and analysis. In 2014, the Commission produced a report of its findings and recommendations, titled Wellbeing and Policy.