Montgomerie, a columnist at The Times and founder of the influential website, ConservativeHome, will specifically focus his time on a programme of work entitled ‘A Vision of Capitalism’. He will be based part-time at the Legatum Institute’s office and the project is expected to last until the end of the year.

The appointment of Montgomerie follows a major shakeup of personnel at the Legatum Institute. In 2014, Sian Hansen, formerly Managing Director at Policy Exchange, and Cristina Odone, a regular columnist for the Daily Telegraph, were appointed Executive Director and Director of Communications respectively. Other senior members of the Legatum Institute include Hywel Williams, Senior Adviser, historian and author; and Anne Applebaum, Director of the Legatum Institute’s ‘Transitions Forum’ programme, Pulitzer Prize-winner and Washington Post columnist.

The Legatum Institute will look to build on its annual Prosperity Index with a number of research papers and events focusing on how open, free market societies built on strong democratic foundations drive prosperity for people of all incomes and backgrounds.

Sian Hansen, Executive Director, the Legatum Institute, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome someone of Tim’s calibre to the Legatum Institute. His work will play a major part in our wider programme of activity which looks to explain why free market capitalist societies built along with the rule of law, freedom of speech and strong public services will deliver prosperity for all.”

Tim Montgomerie said:

“Free markets have produced stunning advances in medicine, technology and human comforts over recent decades. The challenge over the next few years is to ensure capitalist economies are rooted in democratic and moral cultures that ensure they continue to work for the good of individuals, communities and the planet. I look forward to working with the Legatum Institute family to present a positive vision of capitalism to policymakers, students and opinion formers—suitable for the digital age.”


Note to Editors

  1. Montgomerie will take up his post with immediate effect.

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