"What I want to say to you is this: I do not think you British people see your country the way we see it from the outside.  You are the fifth biggest economy in the world.  You have a heritage of open trade.  As New Zealand’s Trade Minister, I was heavily involved in the battle for Seattle, where we tried to launch the Doha Round.  I chaired one of the main working groups.  I will never forget how much I missed your voice.  I missed your voice hugely.

Both our nations know that liberal economic policy has the power to raise people out of poverty and foster freedom.  A smart global trade strategy helped take New Zealand from a protected, bankrupt economy 30 years ago to a nation today which, on Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index, is number one in the world.

The greatest prize from Brexit is your ability to develop a global trade strategy. Britain has the potential to play a leading role globally on trade liberalisation.  The world needs you right now.  Whatever you do, do not waste this moment."

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